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22 Dec 2015

17 Essential Gardening Tasks for Summer

Gardening Tips

Gardening is very essential for life. It is very good for health and environment. However, in summer gardening becomes very important. You need to follow some special points during summer gardening. Summer season is very rough season. Therefore, you need to take some special care during summer months that is June, July, and August. Taking care of your garden will become easy for you if you can follow certain points.

17 essential facts of summer gardening tips is mentioned below:


  • If your terrace or courtyard is looking a little muddy or dirty and suffering from algae or moss, then remove it without the need of extensive elbow grease. Instead of it use a pressure washer and give thorough blast before removing it with bristled brush or scrubbers.
  • You can enjoy the flurry of flowers and color, which blooms throughout the year. However along with flowers you will definitely see weeds growing. One of the best ways to tackle weeds is lifting the weeds out of the ground. Do not use any chemical product.
  • Flowers will not last all season in your garden. So, it is very important to deadhead them. Once the flowers have become spent, you should deadhead them. This helps to divert energy from producing new flowers.
  • The key to having a healthy growth of the plant is through watering them. The best way to water the plants is by using stored rainwater.
  • You should make sure that your rose bushes are free from any diseases or not. Diseases such as aphid, black spot, and mildew can be treated with chemicals.
  • If your neighbor’s cat is causing disturbance to your flowers, then use cat repeller rods in your flower beds to keep them away.
  • Shade your greenhouse in order to keep it cool during the summers. Providing adequate shading for your greenhouse will also help to prevent any scorching to the plants.


  • As June ends, July draws in. So, much of gardening work will roll out too. You must stop deadheading the flowers and stop repeat-flowering perennials.
  • Remove dead or diseased branches.
  • You must start planting autumn flowering bulbs. This will ensure new coloring flowers in the coming season.
  • Provide woodwork in your garden with a fresh coat of color. This will protect the wood and will give a fresh look to your garden.


  • You must check that your mulch has not decomposed. If it has not, then add more to it. Keep checking throughout the month.
  • Collect the seeds from your favorite plants and start growing it during the autumn and winter so you can enjoy them again next summer.
  • If you have been, growing fruits in your garden then stop growing it in August. Grow fresh strawberries for enjoying in the following season.
  • August is the hottest month of the year. Therefore, you must take special care in cutting the plant.
  • Continue to take care of your weeds. Cutting it throughout the year will give your garden extra productivity.
  • During the month, you must not forget to water the plants. If you are taking a holiday, then ask your friend to water it during your absence.
21 Nov 2015

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